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Learning is easier than you think when you have the right resources, study materials and excellent examples to guide you through the study process.

Unified Class is a one-stop resource center where students all over the world can access millions of free study resources, and tools or buy study notes, essay examples, term paper examples and research papers online written by fellow students.

Our company works closely with educators, partners, and individual tutors to help support learning by complementing what is happening in the classroom. Our main goal is to help students deliver study resources that are useful and relevant to students easily without filtering through the giant outdated content in the internet.

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Didn’t attend a lecture? Buy study notes written by your fellow classmates or previous students and ace that exam.

Thousands of students have signed up and provided notes they took in class to help make learning a fun experience and help fellow students with study materials and notes provided by professors. Apart from study notes, students also upload their previous assignments, past papers, essays, research papers, term papers and more that you can buy online and use as revision materials when preparing for exams or when tackling your own assignments.

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Whether you are at home, school, in the library or at a friends place, you can easily access all your study materials online and study or do your assignments on the go.

You can access all the study materials you purchase anywhere anytime using any device. Whether you have a laptop, tablet, or an IPhone, you can easily study your notes and materials that you purchased online through our site because our site is compatible with all the devices available.

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The good part is, the essay remains your property and so you dont have to worry about plagiarism since other students are using them as learning materials to improve their grades.

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Class Notes

Get curated notes for specific courses written by fellow classmates or previous alumni from your college

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Get step-by-step solutions to textbook questions as it is in the teachers guide or answered by a professional tutor in your specific field of study.

Coursework Materials

Search our extensive database of coursework materials such as solutions to coursework questions, study materials, practice questions, and old papers you can use for revision.

Research Papers

Looking for a sample research paper or essay to find inspiration for writing your own paper? Browse our extensive library of old research papers, term papers, and essays written by previous students or professional tutors.

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