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College Study Tips and Hacks that will Redefine How You Study

By Evans, April 29, 2020

As the final exams approach, most college students feel stressed. This is because finding time to finish the remaining coursework and at the same time prepare for the examination is not easy especially if they also have a busy schedule at home or work. Therefore, knowing how to study effectively will assist you to ace your exams. With the college study hacks discussed in the article below, you will be able to make the most of the time you are in school.

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Tips on How to Breeze through the examinations in no Time

  • Learn how to designate time blocks
  • Setting time blocks helps you stay organized and ensures you finish everything on your to-do list in time. This is possible by managing your schedule in a simple planner and filling all time slots with tasks you plan to complete every day. It is important to understand that every single minute of studying every day makes a huge difference in your final exams.

    Also, remember to take breaks when studying. According to research, a human brain can capture information if rest is taken. Taking breaks helps you manage your time as well as reduce stress and worry.

  • Mind your health
  • Putting your health first not only keeps you physically and mentally fit but also helps you perform better in your academics. Make sure you take nutritious snacks, bananas, oatmeal, and blueberries; they will ensure you are energized all day long. Moreover, takes enough water and sleep well.

  • Make use of apps to block disrupting websites
  • Using self-control apps will enable you to avoid distractions by blocking your favorite websites and social media platforms for a certain period of time.

  • Find your reading method
  • Every student studies differently and what works for your friend may not work for you. While some college students use flashcards or rewrite notes to memorize important concepts and facts. Others use formulas, phrases, or rhyme.

    You can also form study groups with your classmates; it assists you to get new insights that boost your learning experience. It also helps students interact, share resources and discuss ideas.

    In addition, meditation is one of the most effective college study hacks that enable students to stay focused while studying. It also boosts both mental and physical health hence getting rid of pre-exam stress.

  • Make use of resources and tools available to you, both on campus and off
  • You can choose to use on-campus tutors' service. Usually, this service is found on your campus' website and it is free. You can also visit the school's library.

  • Use gum or perfumes to improve your memory
  • This may seem weird but chewing a strange gum or wearing a different perfume while studying helps one jog their memory when used just before the final examination.

  • Flashcards
  • Flashcards can be used to test you understanding of quotes, definitions, formulas and key concepts.

  • Change your study places often
  • Living things have a tendency of having favorite spots but information retention improves when study places vary from time to time. According to Robert A. Bjork, a psychologist at the University of California, students who study in two different rooms perform better than those who study the same content in one room. It is believed that human brain forms association between location and information. Therefore, if you study in two different locations the brain creates 2 different mental associations between location and information hence easier to recall.

  • Practice, practice, and practice
  • They say practice makes perfect. Practicing using past examination question will train your brain to retrieve key concepts with ease. Always create a real exam-like situation and test your comprehension.

    You can also consider practicing by teaching what you have learned to your friends. If you cannot get anyone, use a class full of stuffed animals.

  • Listen to the music
  • Do you know listen to the right type of music elevates your mood hence productive studying?

    Online College Study Hacks that will Redefine How You Study

    University and college students are expected to complete a lot of assignments, papers, and readings every week. The internet is quickly becoming the go-to destination for most students. However, not all websites and apps used by students are effective. Here are 3 top websites and tools dedicated to helping you with grammar and free videos explaining different concepts on any subject:

    a. Google

    Well, Google is all time students' first line of defense against assignments. But do you know how to use Google Search effectively?

    For beginners, make use of the following search methodologies:

    1. Look for sites with .edu; you will get high-quality results since they are hosted on educational sites

    2. Use quotation marks when searching an exact phrase. This is commonly used when looking for a quotation in a book

    3. Use a dash before the unwanted word, term or phrase. It will remove any result with the unwanted word.

    4. If you are in search of academic resources like textbook chapters or journal articles, use Google Scholar as your search engine.

    b. YouTube

    YouTube is another amazing learning resource. It has handful channels that provide college students with videos covering even the topics you are having trouble with. Some of the college study hacks channels include Crash Course, SciShow, and MinutePhysics. If these channels fail to give you what you are looking for, just search for that complex topic. You can also look for lectures from another university.

    c. Writing analysis tools

    Are you having difficulties recognizing passive voice? Fortunately, there are numerous online tools that go beyond simple spelling check. These tools analyze your work and tell you where you are making grammatical errors, using repetitive or wrong words, or using passive voice. Currently, Grammarly is the most popular analysis tool but there are other alternatives such as Slick Write and After the Deadline.

    It is worth noting that there is no single online tool that will replace independent paper proofreading. Don't use the recommendations blindly but use them as a way to keep you aware of your common writing habits or mistakes.

    Now that you know different college study hacks, ensure you change your studying habits by incorporating them.

    All the best in your exam!

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