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Lab Report on OHM Law

This is a lab report on OHM LawsObjectives1.      To show the relationship between current, voltage and resistance.2.      To verify Ohm’s Law experimentally.IntroductionOhm’s Law states that the potential difference across a conductor is proportional to the current through it ("Ohm's Law", 2018). This relationship between current flowing... through a conductor and the voltage across it is depicted clearly using Ohm’s Law. Resistance is the constant of proportionality. Whereby: V is the potential difference, I is the current and R is the resistance.Apparatus1.      DC power supply (0-300 V)2.      Resistor 1kΩ3.      Ammeter4.      Breadboard5.      Connecting wiresProcedure1.      Connect the circuit as shown in the circuit diagram above.2.      Set the power supply to 0 V and note the ammeter reading.3.      Increase the voltage to 1 V while noting the ammeter reading.4.      Repeat the above step for 3 V, 4 V to 10 V and record the data on the table. 5.      Plot a graph for the measurements taken. Read More

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