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CPA 1 Notes For Entrepreneurship and Communication in PDF by CPA Guru

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CPA 1 Notes For Entrepreneurship and Communication in PDF


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Document Summary

Entrepreneurship and communication is one of the papers you will be examined when doing CPA 1. This study guide is CPA notes for entrepreneurship and communication and comes in PDF format. The general objective of this entrepreneurship and communication is to equip the candidate with knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will enable you to apply entrepreneurial and communication skills in business and other environments. This study guide covers the introduction to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship orientation, entrepreneurial opportunity and development, business plan, strategies for enterprise growth, entrepreneurship, and technology, nature of business communication, written communication, Oral and non-verbal communication, meetings, information technology communication, ethics, and integrity in business communication and finally emerging issues and trends in entrepreneurship and communication.What is entrepreneurship?Entrepreneurship refers to the pursuit of opportunities by using available resources. An entrepreneur is a person who is willing to take all the risks and start a business in order to make money. An entrepreneur is required to organize and operate a business by taking chances on what other people are not willing to invest in. Therefore, entrepreneurship can be defined as the process of conceptualizing, launching and running a new business. Buy this study material, learn entrepreneurship and communication and pass CPA 1 exams with flying colors.

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