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Criminology by tungawakanisa

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It is a research essay 1st – the term critically assess has an existing definition in the field that you need to locate and use as a part of your essay. This definition should not be explicitly included in your essay, but it should be used to inform the you answer the question.2nd – Formulate argument- When answering this question, you should formulate your argument around the phrase ‘co-constitution’. This means that your answer to the question should clearly express how the representation of crime and lived experience of crime constitute (or con-construct) one another.3rd Define the reader- when writing your argument be sure to specifically define for the reader what representations, ‘criminal justice problems’ and ‘lived experiences’ you will be exploring in your essay.This means that you need to choose specific representations for example in film, advertisements, facebook posts, to analyze, and then you need to relate this to specific criminal justice problems for example police brutality, domestic violence deaths, and lived experiences( for example , ethnography with victims of police brutality, family members of domestic violence victims, etc. The essay needs to talk from two of these criminological concepts as well.Criminology of the skin Criminalisation of rebellion Commodification of rebellion The media, Consumerism and CrimeFrom the Spectacle of hyper reality Mass Media and the News Be word processed, use 12 point font and be double spaced. You are free to choose your font style, but make sure it is legible;Adopt a fluent and scholarly writing style;It would be appropriate, though not necessary, to use headings to signal the way you will direct your analysis and discussion;Support viewpoints with reasoned argument, substantiated by relevant theoretical material and research evidence; andUse in-text citations and referencing conventions as outlined in the WSU Harvard Referencing Guide.

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