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Strathmore Economics Study guide for CPA 2 paper 3 by CPA Guru

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Strathmore Economics Study guide for CPA 2 paper 3


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Document Summary

This economics notes for CPA 2 paper 3 is designed to develop the student’s understanding of the basic concepts of Economics. The economic environment in which business, government, and public organizations operate is discussed. Economic principles and their relevance and application to economic policies are introduced. The Strathmore economics study guide for CPA 1 provides a comprehensive interpretation of current economic issues and problems and instructed in economic principles related to such problems. The student has continuous opportunity to test his understanding by completing the reinforcing questions and checking his answers with those given in the revision section. This builds his knowledge to the level required by the KASNEB examinations. Content of the study guideIntroduction to Economics LessonElementary Theories of Demand and Supply and the Theory of Consumer Behavior Comprehensive Assignment 1 The Theory of Production LessonNational Income Analysis Comprehensive Assignment 2  Money and Banking LessonLabour and Unemployment Comprehensive Assignment 3 Public Finance Lesson International Trade and Finance Comprehensive Assignment 4 KASNEB syllabus. Model answers to reinforcing questions. Selected past papers with model answers. Work through model answers ensuring they are understood. On completion submit final assignment to Strathmore University. FINAL ASSIGNMENT If you are doing CPA 1, this is excellent for learning economics at home or in a group discussion and revising for the CPA 1 paper 3 economics.

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