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Sustainability Framework in Nike and Toms by CPA Guru

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Sustainability Framework in Nike and Toms


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Benchmark progress towards sustainability Using Hart (1997) sustainability framework, choose two competitors in an industry of yourchoice. Evaluate their strategies as they pertain to the issues of sustainability. Using his notionof the sustainability portfolio discuss how well each company is doing? Is there someone in the industry who is the recognized leader? What are they doing that makes them betterhttp://www.stuartlhart.com/sustainablevalue.html This is a 10-page essay I wrote for my undergraduate class. See the preview of the document in the preview section. Here is the conclusion of the essaySustainable framework value has been an important model that focuses on the present condition and future of the business and its environment. It gives a company corporate sustainability that is crucial for the general performance of the company. Hence, Nike, Inc. and Toms Company have been performing very well in terms of finance and management of the companies. Such success has been possible through a long-term relationship with their stakeholders by strategizing on issues such as reducing risk and cost (Pollution prevention), enhance product lifecycle (product stewardship), providing solutions to environmental and social problems through sustainable innovation (clean technology) and corporate social responsibility (Base of the Pyramid). Hence, the sustainable framework value is a foundation and solution for creating a sustainability portfolio for the success of both the present and future of the organization.

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