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Managing Corporate Change by CPA Guru

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Managing Corporate Change


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 AbstractThe change process is an ongoing task in many organizations. It involves identification or needs for change, planning, and implementation of these plans to achieve ultimate corporate change altogether. In this paper, I will analyze the change process using General Motors Company, which nearly faced closure during the recession period in 2009. The company through the leadership of efficient and skilled change agents underwent through different stages of transformation leading it back to the original position (SALEEM, 2010). The leading manufacturer of vehicles in the whole world with revolutionary Motor vehicle brands such as Cadillac, Chevrolet, and other world-class cars.To achieve this goal, I have organized the paper in four main sections, with subsections throughout the paper. The first section, provide background information defining corporate change. And background information about General Motors. In the second section, I provided a situation, organization, and context for change. In the third section, I provided a detailed analysis of the change process as experienced by General Motors. Beginning with the diagnosis for change, vision for the change, methods for implementing change, image and type of change held by the change agent, the role of culture played in the change, and finally how the communication was communicated. In the fourth section, I presented the overall evaluation and finally the conclusion along with a recommendation for future change. Keywords: Corporate change, corporate change process, General Motors

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