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BUS421 - Business Administration Capstone (Tesla competitive advantage analysis) by CPA Guru

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BUS421 - Business Administration Capstone (Tesla competitive advantage analysis)


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Questions1. Examine and evaluate the Tesla product line across all five generic competitive strategies. Select the most relevant strategy and explain how it applies to Tesla.Tesla currently uses a broad differentiation strategy. When Tesla started, the company’s focus was towards the focused differentiation strategy, making nice luxury cars for a very specific set of wealthy individuals. As time moved on,  Tesla focus has shifted to try and create a cheap electric car that everyone can enjoy. One of Elon Musk’s Strategic Vision is “Accelerate the world’s transition from carbon-producing, gasoline-powered motor vehicles to zero-emission electric vehicles.” (p.C-198) Tesla is appealing to more and more customers, and their fan base has been in constant growth. A Panmure Insitute article explained this generic strategy well by saying “In using this generic competitive strategy, the company broadly attracts all potential customers, who are now increasingly interested in environmentally friendly products.”Tesla stands out from the competition, and they take a lot of time to perfect their product. Tesla cars have many perks that other vehicles have never seen such as screens as a dashboard, keyless entry, autopilot driving assistant, auto-raising suspension, and many others. All of these perks, along with the goal to offer an affordable price tag, Tesla is conquering the electric car market.2. Does any part of Tesla’s business strategy align the company to a “Blue Ocean” strategy? If not, describe the principles and practices associated with “Blue Ocean” strategies. If so, explain how that strategy was applied at Tesla.3. Can Tesla be clearly described as a “first mover”? Review the five conditions where first-mover advantages can be realized. Be sure to provide examples of such conditions at work at Tesla.4. Tesla’s manufacturing strategy is to source some parts and components from outside suppliers. With that said, Tesla has retained control of the design, development and manufacturing in-house for key components or those that are proprietary. Is such intense control of manufacturing scalable, given the rapid advance of Tesla vehicle sales? Why or why not?5. Examine and describe the concept of outsourcing value-chain actions in within business operations. Such practices can have a strategic benefit in several ways. Of those strategies, identify one that can be applied to Tesla and provide an example of how that strategy is utilized at Tesla.

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