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How should a technical or business systems department level manager balance skills in Leadership, Management, Strategic Thinking, and Critical Thinking. What percentage of each, specify particular theories ...[Show More]

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The critical thinking is open to several interpretation its more than just thinking clearly or rationally its about thinking independently critically thinking about something means formulation our own opinions and drawing our own conclusions.

Before there is vital reasoning these must initially be a solid establishment of basic thinging vital reasoning is the obility to see the aggregate venture to detect the patterns and comprehend the aggressive scene to see where the businesss needs to go and to lead it into what's to come.

At the foundation its self awareness which answer from the ability to think critically along with an intelectual openners those in than provide the basic business skills including decision making problem solving an solid gross of both the business and customers its servers,

  • Analysis ;-

By the following ways the technical or business system department level managers balance skill in both the theores.


Every subject offers opportunities for critical thinking begin to see critical thinking as a culture rather than just an activity

  • Problem solving;-

Assiging a specific problem is one of the best revenue for balancing both the critical and strategic thinking skills,

  • Use information fluiency;-

Part of critical thinking is knoing when to peasue and when to discard information moisturing the proper use of information is critical to our technical or business system department level managers for their success in balancing ,

  • Other than the above a good strategic and critical thinking have,
  • Rises the right qwestion – precisely and clearly
  • Focuses on the real problem or decision to be taken.
  • Developers- well reasoned conclusion sloution testing them agins relavent criations and the standers.
  • Resions on recognised and assessing assumption implication and consequences.


We can’t calculate then on a percantage basis each specifie particular theories because both the theorems have the following common decision ,

  • Drops;-
  • Froming
  • Status quo
  • Anchuring
  • Sunk cost. Follory
  • Information gathering drops
  • Over confidence bias
  • Availability
  • Conformation bias
  • Conesetiation
  • False bias

  • Manage carefully both the theorem;

  • The disagriment must be incited and managed
  • Organisational culture must encourage the questationing especially of decision makers assumptions and prepositions.

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