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E-commerce security. This is the protection of all the e-commerce assets of any given company from external unauthorized use.  Some of the approaches are:

   1Use of Multy- Layer Security

This requires a standard username and password combination as well as an extra code that is sent as an email to the user or as an SMS to their provided phone number. This ensures that only the user can access the service even if their username and password are at risk.

    2 Use the E-Commerce Security Plugins

The plugins are a simple way to ensure security protection on your website. They provide protection against bad bots and other severe attacks. It helps automatically secure your site and virtually patch software by preventing malicious requests.

      3Choosing the solid Ecommerce platform

It is always good to choose a more secure platform that updates itself regularly and offers top-notch security. They safeguard you against common threats and also provide update

      4Secure your websites with SSL certificates

Secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates are files that link a key to transactions on different paths on a network. These certificates are associated with credit card details and transactions to regular queries. SSL certificates encrypt data to protect it from interception in between different destinations. However there are other approaches to ecommerce security such as Payment gateway security, Use of Antivirus and anti- malware software, Use of Firewalls etc.    


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