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Should state governments require all schools to have later start times for teenagers? ...[Show More]

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Adjustments of the school start time have caused a heated debate all over the nation. Even the general public with little understanding of the benefits of schools having later start times for children have been drawn into the discussion. However, most recently, the debate has shifted to focus on the teenagers. Besides being the group of people experiencing numerous changes both physically and mentally, teenagers are significantly affected by the school start times. The government is now urged to have all schools to implement later start times for teenagers. The government should enact this without a second thought due to the various benefits that teenagers will get. One of the benefits that will result from schools having later start times for teenagers is higher test scores. Everyone wants good grades and better performance in school. All these can be achieved if teenagers get enough time to rest. Poor performances have been connected with tiredness and fatigue resulting from lack of enough sleep (Jacob, and Rockoff, 34). If the teenagers will be allowed to have later school start times, then most definitely they will get enough time to rest and face the new day with vigor and enthusiasm; hence boosting performance. Having later school start times for teenagers will also boost school attendance rate. Most teenagers miss school due to the inability to keep up with time. This results from the fact that teenagers are forced to wake up very early before they had enough sleep (Jacob, and Rockoff, 34). Besides its effect on school attendance, sleep deprivation has negative effects on health, mood, and performance. In brief, the government should ensure that all schools have later start times for teenagers. Later school start times result in higher test scores. It also increases school attendance rate. Thus, the government has all the reasons to ensure that the all school embrace later start times for teenagers. Works cited Jacob, Brian A., and Jonah E. Rockoff. Organizing schools to improve student achievement: Start times, grade configurations, and teacher assignments. Washington, DC: Brookings Institution, Hamilton Project, 2011.

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