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What are some of the significant moments in the life and teachings of Jesus? Why is his death/resurrection so crucial for Christians? Does your own view of who Jesus was/is correspond with the information in chapter 5 of CF, or do you see him differently? ...[Show More]

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The significant moments in the life of Jesus included his baptism which taught the importance of forgiveness and repentance, the transfiguration at a mountain which confirmed his deity as Moses and Elijah appeared next to him, and the crucifixion and burial of Jesus after which he rose and ascended to heaven. The important teachings that Jesus gave to his disciples and masses was the importance of loving God, forgiveness, loving thy neighbors and enemies, not being hypocrites, and finally true repentance when asking God for forgiveness of our sins.

The death/resurrection of Jesus is a key point in his life for Christians as it shows the power of God and confirms Jesus as the God-sent son to die for our sins. According to Chapter 5 of CF, the view of Jesus is that of a Messiah who was sent by God to become the conduit between God and the people, such that Christians can only attain eternal life through Jesus Christ. Personally, I view Jesus as the embodiment of the love that God has for his children, meaning that in as much as we might be exposed to tribulations, God will always be there for us. Jesus also teaches us to always treat people with love and respect irrespective of what social status they hold in the society. 

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