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For this assignment, you will compose an 800-1100 word memo—a specific kind of business writing. You will address your memo to someone whom you would have to persuade to take action on the problem you want to solve. ...[Show More]

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To: Larry Herman, Company Director

From: Employee, Citywide ATM

Subject: Proposal to Renovate Citywide ATM Store room into Separate Filing and Store rooms.

Citywide ATM Company operations entails a lot of form-filling and bookkeeping that has over the years piled into a lot of paperwork that the management had failed to account for in the designing of the company workspace. In addition, the company has an on-site ATM machine in which employees and clients are allowed to either load or withdraw money. The resulting ATM receipts has also contributed to the clog in the paperwork as the warehouse currently used for filing also serves as a storage room for construction materials, ATM parts, and wood. This proposal appeals to the management of the company to allocate funds to the renovation of the warehouse into a modern filing room and a separate storage area for the ATM parts and other materials.


Every employee at Citywide has experienced time wastage and high stress levels when trying to access a particular record, which could have been easily accessed if the company had in place a good filing system. Ultimately, the company is incurring indirect losses as employees sort through the mess of receipts, reversal and chargeback documents. Aside from the time wasted, the ease of a document being misplaced or lost is likely to cause legal problems for the company if evidence of payment is required in a given instance. I also believe that the company warehouse has expansive space that is being misused. I carried out an internal questionnaire survey of the employees’ attitude towards the current system of storage to determine the different factors that contribute to negative workplace environment as induced by the poor filing system. The questionnaire asked questions geared towards establishing the employees’ viewpoint on aspects of the current filing system such as access, directories, economy, and safety.

Renovation Recommendations:

The first step will involve dividing the warehouse into two sections as shown in the visual representation of the plan in Fig 1.0 attached. One section will serve as the storage room for construction materials and wood. The other section will serve as the filing room. Since our company is in the construction business, it will be considerably cheaper carry out the renovation in-house. As such, material and labor costs for the reconstruction will be lower.

The filing section of the warehouse will be separated using safe-proofed plywood to separate the storage for every particular document and ATM receipts. For instance, the first filing room will be used for ATM receipts, second for routes documents, and the third for reversal, chargeback and official documents. At the entrance of the filing section of the warehouse, a room will be repurposed into a reception area for the clerk officer put in charge of the filing system.

Cost Breakdown

Company employees involved in the reconstruction will earn a bonus of $5 per hour for every hour spent working on the filing room. A total of three employees working for 2 days will satisfactorily complete the task. Other expenditures on recruiting a clerk and file storage facilities is estimated at $400 and a recurring salary expense of $200 every month.

Safety and Rules

The filing room will employ a shelving system except for TAM receipts which will be kept in file cabinets (using a date format). Every shelf will have a label and an additional directory system that is managed by the clerk. Finally, the warehouse will be installed with a fire extinguisher for possible fire outbreaks. Any employee who wants to access records will have to sign a check-in and check-out form at the reception of the filing room.

Changes in the Renovation Plan

The above floor plan is a proposal and any possible improvements on the design from the management and other employees are welcomed. Management has to approve the changes through an official orders to approve the cost alterations.

Benefits of the Renovation

  • The filing section will be visibly separated from the storage room.
  • Employees will spend valuable time on other responsibilities and the access time to documents is reduced due to faster retrieval.
  • The cost of recovering important official documents is reduced.
  • Access to the organization files such as routes will make it easy for training new employees.
  • Accountability in the filing system will help the company comply with audit requirements and the disposal of obsolete records.

On behalf of my fellow hardworking employees, I hope that the management accepts this proposal in their current reformulation of corporate strategies. I am happy to meet with the organizing committee at any convenient time appointed by the company director. 

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