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Our immediate environment in which we spend most of our time apart from our homes, are the community spaces and schools. These places contribute to the development of both personal and professional skills that are required to become functional members of a society. As such, every person has the responsibility to contribute to the betterment of the community and schools that serve us and other members of the society. My personal way of contributing to this betterment is through volunteering for different types of activities. For instance, at school there is a program for helping the less fortunate such as orphans. The program oversees visits to children homes in which I often prepare funny presentations to uplift the mood of everyone.

Within the larger community, I often participate in blood drives, tree plantation programs, cleaning up streets and the beaches. My friends have also started an adopt program for stray dogs and cats, that are later set up for adoption with families that want them. Finally, it is important that we support local businesses by shopping locally, as the money will help other locals and promote the local economy. It is also important to participate in the process of choosing local leaders and attending community meetings. 

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