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.Describes resources you could use as a manager to stay current in your field/area. Select one research source and describe how you might apply it in strategic planning. ...[Show More]

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To stay current as a manager, it is key to always improve your knowledge by reading wide on the new trends, therefore, technology should be highly utilized (Ginter, 2018). The human resource should be well coordinated too. Regularly monitoring how events are run helps the manager pick areas of improvement. The manager should constantly carry out research and benchmark with other institutions. Generally, be alert to market trends and be up to speed with what is new. Research sources are clustered broadly into primary and secondary sources. The one source that I would utilize as a manager for strategic planning would be interview and questionnaires as my primary sources (Rushmer, 2018). This would be applied to all stakeholders from the top administration to the subordinate staff and patients. The questions should focus on what the stakeholders like about the institution and what they would like to be improved. References In Rushmer, R. K., In Davies, H. T. O., In Tavakoli, M., & In Malek, M. (2018). Organisation development in health care: Strategic issues in health care management. Ginter, P. M., Duncan, W. J., & Swayne, L. E. (2018). Strategic management of health care organizations. Wager, K. A., Lee, F. W., & Glaser, J. P. (2017). Health care information systems: A practical approach for health care management.

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