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Why is ethics important to the development of professional status for imaging professionals? Defend your answer. ...[Show More]

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Imaging professionals in healthcare settings account for the workers who mostly handle radiography services and radiation equipment that produce the X-ray, ultrasound, and CT scans that help doctors and nurses make informed decisions about a patient. The professional status of imaging professionals is achieved through the practice and application of professional ethics that define what the acceptable standards of conduct are and the acceptable scope of practice. One of the key differences between imaging professionals and other healthcare practitioners is that the former spend less time in direct engagement with patients, and as such their focus should be in producing the best quality of images.

Ethical principles such as veracity which proposes that a professional must always aim to communicate truthfully helps imaging professionals to avoid recommending unnecessary tests in order to inflate the medical bills. The beneficence principles which requires that professionals should not do harm also informs professional status of imaging professions by minimizing unnecessary tests to avoid exposure to radioactive materials that are used in various imaging equipment. The need for these professional ethical standards help protect imaging professional from professional liability by equipping them with right sense of human values that inform their decisions when faced with ethical dilemmas. 

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