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There are various moral, ethical, and practical arguments presented by both sides of the faction that either support or oppose the practice of euthanasia. Among the arguments offered in support of euthanasia is that humans retain the right to determine how they live their life and as such, have the right to also determine how they die. Any decision to deny a person this right is considered as a reduction in the autonomy of a person. Additionally, the decision to die by an individual does not in any way impact or interfere with other people’s rights. This argument embodies the libertarian approach to ethics which considers an act as morally correct if it does not result in any negative outcome for other people. Another moral argument in support of euthanasia is that frees up medical resources that are being used to treat patients who in the real sense have zero chances of full or partial recovery. The act of euthanasia helps give these patients their desire while freeing up medical resources to be used efficiently.

The argument against euthanasia is that by making it a normality promotes a culture that devalues the sanctity of life. The idea that the life of a sick individual is lesser than other lives is not in any way morally or ethically correct. Additionally, the processes leading to euthanasia are very hard to regulate and introduce accountability because the professional decision that a patient cannot make recovery is often not a consensus among all caregivers. Different doctors can have varying opinions about the chances of a patient making recovery. 

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