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The Child Welfare System

The public opinion on the child welfare system is quite divided given the different experiences that many people have had with the system. Primarily, the child welfare system was constructed to help protect the welfare of children who are at the risk of neglect or abuse by giving assistance in terms of increased supervision or relocation. In a perfect world, the child welfare system is an initiative that should receive one hundred percent support from the public but there are certain detrimental factors that have limited the nature of services offered under the program. This essay will demonstrate why child welfare system remains an effective program and the few negatives should be resolved to ensure that children welfare is looked after.

The Child welfare system helps protect children from abusive homes and by doing this helps in averting critical injuries or deaths. The success of CWS is that it protects children’s mental health by relocating them to healthy homes in which they can receive adequate care. Contemporary approaches include more inclusive programs that offer parents the opportunity to keep in touch with their children or relocating them to their relatives, which protects the family values that are important in a person’s life.

On the other hand, opponents of the child welfare system have argued that the system has become too big and the social workers are often overworked and as such, do not effectively carry out the primary roles that they should do, that is, child welfare protection. The child welfare system as created with a single-minded objective that does not take into account the cultural differences in different families. In spite of these challenges, the child welfare system should look to embrace technology and ethical practice as way to resolve these challenges and to continue offering children a better future.

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