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Discuss Lowenthal’s examination of the evolution of environmental history.  How does environmental history fit within the larger frame of history? Is environmental history a validated field of study? Why or why not? ...[Show More]

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The need to have a safe environment has remained a global concern for people, institutions, organizations, and governments alike. Environmental history is a very novel field which began in the 1960s and 1970s. It was due to the increased consciousness of international ecological concerns like the contamination of water and air by pesticides, loss of the ozone sheet and the amplified greenhouse effect triggered by human activities (Barca, 2021). People began to explore the roots of the modern issues, depending on the facts of a vast array of scientific fields and in-depth studies produced during the preceding century. The following is a discussion of Lowenthal’s evolution of environmental history and the validity of the environmental history.

Lowenthal's elements of environmental history touch on some of the most significant concerns that regard the future of the planet. It provides information about historical approaches utilized to investigate the national park wildlife population concerning human population expansion and the reliance of the wildlife circumstances on human life survival (Longstreth, 2019). It is concerned with the impacts that human activities have on the environment that they live in.

Environmental history fits in the larger features of history in different measurements. In the historical disciplines, ecological history stresses the active functions of nature in affecting human affairs and how the environment impacts humans' connections. It is concerned with the impact of food production on soil and scenery, the history of forests, and the consequences of hunting and grazing (Büntgen & Oppenheimer, 2020). Furthermore, it is about the ecological effect of mining, transportation, suburbanization and industrialization.

Environmental history is a validated field of study. This is because it helps people understand how human activities have affected how they have been affected by the environment and what outcomes. Knowing the past environmental changes is a yardstick for understanding future changes.


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