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Consider the changes to criminal laws, detainment, and punishment that are the result of 9/11 and the continuing threat of terrorism. What ethical and legal issues have resulted from these changes? Identify at least three ethical or legal issues. How would you respond to the ethical issues created? ...[Show More]

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There are various changes to detainment, punishment, criminal laws that are the results of September 11th and the constant threat of terrorism. The legal and ethical issues have contributed to these changes. The first legal issue is that the government of the United States saw that it was necessary to safeguard the government buildings and public officials and it was the role of the executive branch as stipulated under the constitution. The second legal issue is the government was to use all the resources that were available to search for perpetrators who planned the attack. In the initial days after the attack of 9/11, the struggle took several forms involving the things that appeared to be unselective and custody of possible suspects which raised problems of possible causes (Meggle, Kemmerling & Textor, 2013). The third legal issue is the foreign utilization of force after the government had identified the origin of the attacks. The final legal issue is considering intelligence gathering and analysis abroad and at home to be essential. It will help prevent unwanted distraction for the survivors due to the terrorist attacks (Bonanno & Jost, 2006). I would say that the legal issues created and effective, and it will help the government of the United States to prevent future terrorist attacks. The government should then dedicate itself in making sure that all the legal issues are adhered to, and all the stakeholders are aware of their roles to make sure that there will be no other attacks like that of 9/11. Through it, the United States will be safe, and people will not have fear when carrying out their daily activities. References Meggle, G., Kemmerling, A., & Textor, M. (Eds.). (2013). Ethics of terrorism & counter-terrorism (Vol. 3). Walter de Gruyter. Bonanno, G. A., & Jost, J. T. (2006). Conservative shift among high-exposure survivors of the September 11th terrorist attacks. Basic and Applied Social Psychology, 28(4), 311-323.

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