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Why do some experts want to rename our era the Anthropocene how is sustainability related to the current planetary environmental and social problems that human face ...[Show More]

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Some experts have retorted to naming the period "Anthropocene". The pollution in the oceans and atmosphere has altered the planet. The name became popularized by Paul Crutzen in 2001. The term Anthropocene suggests that earth has shifted from its natural ecological era. The present interglacial state of the planet has been so due to Human activity. They have become so prevalent such that they rival the forces of nature. The activities inevitably push the earth to less biologically diverse, warmer, fewer forests, and probably more water from the melting of ice. The change may have become earlier to prompt the scientists to suggest a new term for the epoch. It may have grown in the times of industrial revolution, where the use of coal on a large scale contributed to changes in the atmospheric concentration of gases. Humans have changed the ecosystem more rapidly. Environmental sustainability stands out as the biggest challenge that humankind is experiencing in the present day. The upsurge in population along intensification in anthropogenic activities has raised queries over the sustainability of the resources on the planet. There is a little part of the earth that has not been exploited and polluted by human activity. The population increase has strained on the resources and contributed immensely to water pollution. The natural resources have been over-exploited and contaminated with toxins. It is critical to assess the impact of human activities on the eco-system regularly for example, the use of technology to help in the assessment of the situation and finding greener solutions.

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