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What is your favorite definition of sustainability and what are the fundamental principles and concepts of sustainability ...[Show More]

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Sustainability typically involves the avoidance of the depletion of natural resources intending to withhold ecological balance. It consists of meeting one's needs without compromising the capability of future generations to their needs as well. The ability to sustain life on the planet has been at stake. It has to do with the emissions of toxic gasses to the atmosphere. The contribution of this effect is a result of direct or indirect involvement of human activities. The principles of sustainability are the background of the concepts, which include social, environmental, and economical concepts. The three interconnected concepts on sustainability once integrated form a solid ground for making critical decisions. When the concepts of sustainability are implemented in real situations, they bring results. The natural resources get to be preserved, the economy is not harmed, and the environment is safeguarded. The quality of life of humankind is improved once the aspects are implemented. Economic sustainability It involves creating value for the project undertaken and the decisions implemented. The decisions involved are well though-out and made in the most equitable and fiscal ways. To achieve this, decisions need to be made with a long-term approach. It is important to note that economic aspects may not necessarily promote sustainability. There is a need to incorporate good business practices to achieve a greater good for mankind. Social sustainability It is drawn from decisions made to promote a better life of man in society. It promotes for future generations to enjoy the quality of life or even surpass the current generation. The concept involves human rights, public participation, and environmental laws. The Clean Water Act is an example that promoted minimum water quality standards for the citizens of America. The effect of such legislation is developing a better quality of life. The act would see that it protected the countries water catchment area. For instance, making it illegal to discharge toxic wastes to rivers, lakes, and streams. Environmental sustainability Disturbances to the environment that affect the eco-systems ought to be avoided all costs. When decisions are made, what is critical entirely lies on being on the lookout for the outcome on the environment. The proper management of natural resources counts as an approach geared towards environmental sustainability. The promotion of habitat preservation and restoration needs to be implemented as part of the measures of ensuring environmental sustainability.

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