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What can designers of the built environment contribute to the sustainability movement? ...[Show More]

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The environmental issues have affected the approach of building and construction. The issue of sustainability has emerged in a time where conscious climatic changes have been at the center stage. The designers can help join the sustainability movement by pushing for concepts that advocate green buildings that assist reduce carbon footprint. In the United States, commercial buildings are estimated to give 38% of carbon dioxide and 39% of total energy (Lara 3). The structures require large amounts of energy to heat, power the electricity, and cool. The use of recyclable materials by architects should be advocated in construction, for instance, the use of plastics, cardboards, and scrap metals. The materials may be modified to be used in the interior and exterior part of the building for purposes of insulation. The materials used to produce less carbon and can be melted to be used according to the needs. The interiors of buildings may make use of an old newspapers which is recycled (Fregonara and Elena 3). It forms a way of going green as the material is used to fill the cavity of walls in construction. The materials are free from chemicals, and the material is insect resistant.

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