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The Marxism theory is a body of knowledge and concepts developed by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels that proposes the best way to resolves the social ills that lower economic classes face is by the implementation of socialism. Feminism denotes the range of social, economic, and political efforts to establish an equality of both men and women in the society.

The similarities between the two theories can be first noted in the depiction of what is wrong with the society in regards to the division of labor. Both theories opine that there is group that is being mistreated or victimized. In feminism, gender is a social construction that assumes there are specific roles for each sex. Under the Marxism theory, there exists social classes that determine one’s role and powers in the society. In both theories, there is a group that has the monopoly over resources and means of production, while another group provides the labour while being underappreciated.

The second similarity between Marxism and feminism is that they both advocate for a revolution to upstage the current imperfect society. Feminists argue for strategies that can lead to drastic realignment of the society whereby women will be offered the same power and influence as men. Women are encouraged to fight against discriminatory practices. Similarly, Marxist theorists opine that the working class should rise against the wealthy class to ensure that profits achieved through their labour is equally distributed.

The third similarity between the two theories is that they lead to the alienation of the weaker groups. For instance, feminist argue that the patriarchy system alienates women from key decision making roles in the economic and political sectors. The same alienation occurs in bourgeois societies where the working class are alienated from the systems of profit sharing. 

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