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The conclusion of the Problem of Evil argument is that God does not exist. If you disagree with this conclusion, explain clearly why you think the Problem of Evil argument is not sound. For each criticism you offer of the Problem of Evil argument, you should also state what you take to be the best response to that criticism, and why you do not find that response convincing. Your paper should ...[Show More]

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The Problem of Evil argument offers a sound argument that I agree with, because the Christian belief of a God that is all-knowing and all-powerful does not make sense in the presence of evil that continues to happen. The fact that unexplainable evil continues to happen to people and children who have not done anything to deserve such evil is hard to understand and cannot simply be explained away by the belief that God has plans or that it was God’s will. God is often presented as a morally perfect being with the knowledge and power to intervene but chooses not to do so, which leads to questioning his existence and the conclusion that he does not exist. The problem of evil denotes that if God existed according to the values associated with his person, then evil would not exist. The presence of evil thus denotes that God does not exist.

One of the leading objections to the problem of evil is the free will defense, which argues that problem of evil is not consequent of God, rather the free will given to human beings by God. Free will denotes that people have the freedom to choose whether to do bad or good actions. The problem with this defense is that it fails to account for the natural happening evils such as earthquakes, diseases, and hurricanes.

The other defense offered by theists is that evil and suffering happening to human is part of the process of creation to the final form that God intended for humans. As such, the evil that humans suffer will help humans appreciate the final soul form where there is absence of pain. The problem with this defense is that it is based on a fictional existence of a life after death which nobody is truly sure about. 

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