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1.     Discuss the prospects of peace in the Middle-East.2.     What makes terrorism different to other forms of violence?3.     What are the pros and cons of the West involving itself in Israel?4.     How effective was the British government in dealing with the IRA? 5.     Assess the continuing threat of ISIS.6.     How effective is the War on Terror in limiting g ...[Show More]

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  1. The prospects of peace in the Middle-East are complex and have been difficult to achieve due to a variety of factors such as geopolitical interests, historical conflicts, religious differences, and ideological disputes. However, there have been some positive developments in recent years such as the normalization of relations between Israel and some Arab countries, which could be a step towards peace in the region.

  2. Terrorism is different from other forms of violence because it is motivated by political, religious, or ideological beliefs and aims to create fear and intimidate the targeted population. It often targets civilians and non-combatants, and its perpetrators may be individuals or groups with a specific agenda.

  3. The pros of the West involving itself in Israel could include promoting stability and security in the region, protecting the rights of Jewish people, and supporting a democratic ally. The cons could include inflaming regional tensions, compromising relations with other Middle Eastern countries, and being seen as biased towards one side of the conflict.

  4. The effectiveness of the British government in dealing with the IRA is a subject of debate. While some argue that the government's tough stance and military action helped to defeat the group, others believe that the conflict could have been resolved through peaceful negotiations earlier.

  5. The continuing threat of ISIS remains a concern, particularly in areas of conflict and instability where the group can exploit social and economic grievances to recruit new members. However, military action, international cooperation, and counterterrorism measures have weakened the group in recent years.

  6. The effectiveness of the War on Terror in limiting global terrorism is also a topic of debate. While the initiative has led to the disruption of some terrorist networks, critics argue that it has also led to human rights abuses, increased radicalization, and an erosion of civil liberties.

  7. The involvement of Australia in trying to prevent terrorism within the South East Asian region can be seen as a way to promote regional security and stability. However, it could also be perceived as interference in the internal affairs of other countries and may not necessarily address the root causes of terrorism.

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