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What are some of the significant moments in the life and teachings of Jesus?  Why is his death/resurrection so crucial for Christians?  Does your own view of who Jesus was/is correspond with the information in chapter 5 of CF, or do you see him differently? ...[Show More]

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His birth. Jesus' birth was a peculiar one as he was born of a virgin woman. This happened in a manger with the presence of shepherds with their flock and a multitude of angels rejoicing his name. Also, there were wise men from the East following the star to Bethlehem. All these happenings show that his birth was an extraordinary one.

Baptism. When Jesus was baptized in river Jordan, a voice from heaven was heard from heaven this is my son who I love with him I am happy. His baptism was a sign of repentance and Christians should emulate this at any given time

Teachings. Jesus taught through parables, performing miracles, and giving sermons. Through this, Christians are taught to be humble and have good morals in order to inherit the kingdom of heaven.  

His death and resurrections symbolizes the end of suffering and the beginning of new life to Christians because He died on the cross to wash away their sins.

In my view Jesus is the savior and messiah because He did everything that was prophesied about Him and fulfilled the scriptures.

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