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 Make sure you understand the biblical, classical, process and  feminist approaches to the problem of suffering and evil.  In your own opinion, which is the most convincing?  Which is the least?  Why?   ...[Show More]

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The bible suggests that people cannot understand why God allows evil and suffering to exist. It states suffering is part of human existence and gives Christians the chance to demonstrate their commitment to God. This can be seen in the book of Job. He was a devout and a sinless man who led a good life. Also in the book of psalms suffering is intended to be part of life and that joy and suffering cannot exist without each other.

Practically we can approach suffering and evil by showing compassion to those who are suffering, offer them help and trust that God will deliver an answer to their problem. This can be done by donating food to those who are hungry and also offering medical help the sick by taking them to places they can be treated and this will solve some these problems.

Contemporarily, feminists have argued that theodicy is an analytical philosophy of religion and is disconnected from the actual experience of those who suffer because it focuses primarily on the logical necessity of evil. If this cannot address the phenomenological impact of suffering and distances the divine from culpability for the worst sort of harm and also makes it difficult to account for human responsibility in bringing about preventable harm.

The biblical approach is the most convincing because Satan told God that job was serving Him because he was living a pleasant life and this made him be faithful to God. Satan was allowed to test Job and did this by killing Job’s sons and making him sick .Despite this Job still defended God to his friends and upon hearing this He blessed job abundantly.

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