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The beliefs of Americans with respect to the 2003 invasion of Iraqi reflects facts, emotions, assumptions, opinions, or bias. Which of these do you think is the most important factor shaping whether a person supports the invasion? Explain your reasoning. ...[Show More]

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U.S invasion of Iraq in 2003 received the support of a majority of the Americans. The main reason for the support of the invasion was the histories of terrorist attacks; the nation had been subjected to previously. The decision by a section of the Americans to support the invasion was because of the two factors. These forces were emotions and assumptions. Emotions impair rational thinking, with the person regretting later (LeBlanc, McConnell, & Monteiro, 2015). A person making decisions with feelings fail to think about repercussions. In continuation, assumptions were the other factor for the majority of the population to support U.S invasion in Iraq. Citizens on the ground did not have full information on whether the Middle East country head weapons for mass destruction. Speculation led to the supporters of the invasion to think it was the right move.

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