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1.     Discuss the prospects of peace in the Middle-East.2.     What makes terrorism different to other forms of violence?3.     What are the pros and cons of the West involving itself in Israel?4.     How effective was the British government in dealing with the IRA? 5.     Assess the continuing threat of ISIS.6.     How effective is the War on Terror in limiting g ...[Show More]

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Prospects of Peace in the Middle-East 

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Prospects of Peace in the Middle-East

Tranquility and the absence of war is virtually the desire of all humans globally. Governments strive to enforce peaceful coexistence within their countries to enable citizens' political, social, and economic prosperity. However, peace in the middle east has remained fragile due to the conflicts in the occupied territories in Israel and Gaza strip since the inception of the state of Israel on May 14, 1948 (Halevy & Berson, 2022). The inception led to conflict between Israel and Palestine over the occupied west bank. The conflict has placed Muslim nations in the region into the camp supporting Palestine and western countries on one side supporting Israel. The prospects of peace in the middle-east shall be discussed hereunder.

Although many Arabs may now be inclined to seek a peaceful resolution to this tragic war, many others still view Israel as an alien intrusion whose sovereign Jewish character must be removed. This is an important reason why peace is likely to remain challenging. These Arabs are not just in charge or ruling over countries like Libya. Yet, they represent significant parts of other nations, notably Egypt, which is often recognized as one of the region's top "moderates," including the Palestinian Liberation Organization (Bayrak, 2021). Thus, the vastly varied perceptions within society make the path to peace difficult. The Arab world regards Israel's nature, objectives, and legitimacy, and these divisions affect significant communities within each of the ranks and the state of Palestine.

The religious significance of the middle-east has been a prospect that has impeded peace in the region. Jerusalem, a city of religious importance, has been the cause of turmoil. Muslims believe that the prophet Muhamad ascended to heaven, and thus they fight to have control of the city. Similarly, Christians believe Jerusalem is the birthplace of Abrahamic monotheism and Judaism Christianity. Hence, the differing religious beliefs about Jerusalem have led to the war for the scramble to control the city. It has led to conflict and threatened peace in the region.

















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