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Under what circumstances would you liaise with and consult with, other services and agencies? ...[Show More]

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Community service workers work in unison with other important care professionals (Coates and Gray, 2012). There are several cases when I would liaise with and consult with, other services and agencies. The first case is when the client has multiple problems. For instance, in any event, the client had a traumatic background; there will be the need to liaise with a professional counsellor. The latter will play the role of helping the client to forget about the traumatic past and work towards full recovery. The move to seek the services of professional counsellor intends to complete the healing process of the client. The other situation, which could force consultation with other agencies, is when the case at hand operates under different systems. For example, in the case where the client underwent a rape ordeal, it will be prudent to share the information with law enforcers, simultaneously, while offering care and support to the client. I will also liaise with healthcare centres to ensure that clients get professional treatment. Working with other individuals and organization helps in solving the problem affecting the client.

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