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In the community services sector, how will you perform your work duties according to legal, ethical, political and community expectations of child protection work? ...[Show More]

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The community worker must perform the duties concerning child protection work, according to the rules and regulation through different approaches. The first effort will be to determine the client’s group nature of the relationship. The community must identify the nature of the relationship with the minor during the session. Secondly, dealing professionally with the client will ensure the preservation of dignity, in addition to safeguarding their rights (Johnson, 2010. Moreover, the maintenance of professional boundary will help avert any factor that would compromise community worker-client relationship (Kobak, 2016). The community worker should also remind the clients of their rights (Greif & Knight, 2016). This move will ensure that the client would raise concerns if there would be any deviations. Performing duties while adhering to the above requirements will help the community worker to operate well within the regulations.

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