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Explain your understanding of the child protection system and its purpose? What is the prevalence of child abuse in Australia? (Provide statistics) ...[Show More]

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In my understanding, the child protection system encompasses different activities ranging from organization, the responsible parties and the major stakeholders. For me, the child protection system entails all activities, rules and regulations that aim at protecting the rights of Australian children. The main purpose of the existence of the support system is to help in addressing the prevalent problem of child abuses in society. In Australia, the relevant statutory bodies dealing with child protection system include the state and territory governments. The Child Protection System statistics in Australia indicates that I out of every 33 children was receiving child protection services (2015-2016 report). Besides, 73 percent were repeat cases, with 45% being emotional abuse (Australian Government, 2018). Lastly, children from remote areas were likely to face abuse compared with town counterparts.

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The risk factors for child abuse include physical abuse, where a child is physically injured by another person; sexual abuse through unnecessary folding and sexual activities; injuring the child’s self-esteem; giving false medical information about the child and lastly, neglecting the needs and the wants of a child (Pelton, 2015). Symptoms of the above risks factors include withdrawal from friends, depression, rebellious behaviour, absences from school and self-harm (Duffy, Hughes, Asnes & Leventhal, 2015). Some of the assistance I will provide the family as a community worker, to prevent the above issues, including advising them on what constitutes the abuse of a child, observation of the risk factors among the guardians and caregivers. In most instances, families are not aware that their actions are likely to have a huge impact on their children. For this reason, it will be essential to point out the risk factors and the signs of abuse in a child.

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