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What are the risk factors for child abuse, for families and how can you support them to address and minimise these risks? ...[Show More]

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The risk factors for child abuse include physical abuse, where a child is physically injured by another person; sexual abuse through unnecessary folding and sexual activities; injuring the child’s self-esteem; giving false medical information about the child and lastly, neglecting the needs and the wants of a child (Pelton, 2015). Symptoms of the above risks factors include withdrawal from friends, depression, rebellious behaviour, absences from school and self-harm (Duffy, Hughes, Asnes & Leventhal, 2015). Some of the assistance I will provide the family as a community worker, to prevent the above issues, including advising them on what constitutes the abuse of a child, observation of the risk factors among the guardians and caregivers. In most instances, families are not aware that their actions are likely to have a huge impact on their children. For this reason, it will be essential to point out the risk factors and the signs of abuse in a child.

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