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Describe the following terms within a child protection context: • collaborative practice framework • trauma-informed care • principles of ethical decision-making • self-management strategies • cultural and linguistic differences ...[Show More]

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Collaboration practice framework: is the combination of research and practice with the purpose of formation of a strong service that will improve the relationship between child protection and care services. The framework utilizes the theoretical information in real practice in a bid to improve services offered during child protection. Trauma-informed care: refers to the different approaches applied by professional practitioners toward children exposed to traumatic events or conditions. This service intends to reduce the cases of children’s behavioural problems and posttraumatic stress. Principles of ethical decision-making: this encompasses the components, which must be applied to every decision made about child protection. The five principles of ethical decision-making include beneficence, nonmaleficence, fidelity, justice and autonomy. Self-management strategies: Self-management strategies are actions clients are taught, to control their emotions. For instance, in the case of the child, who experienced trauma, self-management strategies such as calming activities help in diffusing tension. Cultural and linguistic differences are barriers that affect proper communication between the client and professional practitioner. Culture covers any client’s beliefs and values. Besides, clients could be proficient in languages, which result in difficulties on the practitioners

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