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The textbook suggests the "dawn of religion" began in Mesopotamia. Trace this dawn through to the emergence of monotheism and even beyond to the maturation of India’s faiths. Discuss how these very early spiritual beliefs formed. ...[Show More]

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The Mesopotamians culture is key to the development of religion as we know it today, but the first practices of religion and gods was according to polytheistics beliefs. The Mesopotamians believed that there were numerous gods with different purposes. These beliefs are believed to be the foundation of monotheistics religions such as Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. The emergence of monotheistic relgion was facilitated by one famous poem known as Enuma Elish in which the poet posited that all the numerous gods being worshipped were simply a manifestation of a one greater god. This led to the concept of a divine unity as different communities began noticing similarities between their depictions of gods.

As time moved on, societies began creating religious movements and cults that were devoted to worshipping their gods. The culture of Mesopotamians contributed to the development of Hinduism through the belief that land was important to people’s culture. 

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