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Why is the problem of evil so difficult to fathom for most people who believe in a god/gods?  Obviously, evil is problematic whether you are a theist, an atheist, or an agnostic - but why is it a challenge to belief in God?  What was Jesus' approach to this problem of suffering and evil? ...[Show More]

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Evil can be defined as any significant case of pain and suffering on earth. It can be moral or natural. The people who believe in supernatural beings or gods find it difficult to understand evil due to the fact and argument that the said God has the power to allow or prevent evil to take place contrary to their belief that God cannot allow evil to occur and is attributed to good at all times

It becomes a challenge to believe in God when one questions the occurrence of evil and attributes it to God’s plan for his own vindication. In the biblical story of Job, God never revealed why Job suffered. He leaves him in the dark and hereby comes the question as to why God allows evil.

Jesus came in frequent contact with the sick and disabled and in most cases his reaction was indifferent. He is sometimes moved and upset. The gospel describes his compassion and tears. Jesus never asks suffering to be offered up to God. He says that we should overcome evil and suffering through persistence in prayer.

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