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There are 2 discussion topics. 75-100 words each. Each must have their own reference.1. 7DQ1 escribe the steps of the evidence-based research process and the importance of using them. In the initial stages of an EBP project, where do nurses in your specialty go to locate sources of information that help them to determine whether or not a practice problem is appropriate for an evidence-based practi ...[Show More]

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In healthcare, the EBP process entails six key steps. First assess the patient’s condition and factors noted in his care. Secondly ask or create a clinical question that applies to the scenario. The third step involves acquisition of evidence, the appraisal of the evidence through analysis to determine the reliability of the data collected. The fifth step involves application of outcomes to help the patient. The last step is to evaluate and monitor the patient. The EBP method is beneficial because it helps improves care. The sources of information for a problem that warrants EBP include patients’ preference data and the practitioner’s clinical experience.

An advanced registered nurse has to contend with ethical issues pertaining to the autonomy of patients in making decisions such as giving an informed consent to participate in a research study. Nurses should also ensure that the principle of beneficence is adhered to, such that no harm comes to the participants and the researchers. The role of registered nurse in patient advocacy includes the need to preserve the human dignity of patients as they navigate an unfamiliar institution. Registered nurses also advocate for patient equality by ensuring that discrimination based on cultural or socio-economic factors do not fathom. 

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