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What are two examples of discrepancies between real and ideal culture in American culture (either values or behaviors)? Describe one instance in your personal life where you found a conflict between real and ideal culture in America. ...[Show More]

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The importance of individuality is one instance of how American society differs from its idealized version. In America, individuality is emphasized as a virtue, and people are urged to pursue their own objectives and interests without external pressure. Nonetheless, this principle can occasionally be contradicted by American culture as a whole. For instance, there have been examples of people putting their personal freedoms ahead of the welfare of the community at large in circumstances like the COVID-19 epidemic, where individual acts can have a huge impact on the health of others (Huang, 2021).

The importance of equality is another illustration. Regardless of ethnicity, gender, or socioeconomic level, everyone should be treated equally and have access to the same opportunities in the ideal American culture. The actual American culture, nevertheless, sometimes falls short of this ideal. For instance, systematic racism and prejudice continue to exist in many facets of American culture, which results in inequalities in sectors like healthcare, employment, and education (Anderson, 2021).

Nonetheless, the actual culture in America typically prioritizes work above personal life due to long workdays and little vacation time. No matter the busy schedule I have, I usually try as much as possible to be always present for my family because I value them so much and they are my pillar of strength. Therefore, I must strike a balance between my work and my family time which can be quite hectic sometimes.


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