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The Self

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The Self

American philosopher and sociologist George Herbert Mead were keenly interested in how people create a sense of self. Mead claims that the "I" and the "me" are the two main parts of the self. According to Mead, the following discussions explain the 'I' and 'me.'

The "I" denotes the person's instant reaction to the environment. The part of the self that reacts impulsively and subjectively to situations and experiences in the here and now is known as the self (Mead,1934). The "I" takes the initiative and is the wellspring of creativity and spontaneity. The aspect of the self comes up with fresh concepts and reacts to the outside world distinctively and individually.

On the other hand, the "me" refers to the part of the self that has been socially formed. It is the aspect of oneself that has assimilated societal expectations, values, and conventions. The "me" controls how the "I" acts and ensures that the person complies with social norms. It is the aspect of oneself that is conscious of how others view and assess the person.

Mead holds that socialization, which involves knowing the customs, morals, and prospects of one's values, crops the "me" (Mello, 2022). Individuals grow socially tolerable conduct expertise and an intellect of self that is molded by their connections with other persons when they interrelate with others.

The dynamic and complex association between the "I" and the "me" comes from their continuing dealings. While the "me" can exercise control over the urges of the "I," the "I" can test and fight the standards and prospects of the "me." For the development of a hard and complete nous of self, the association between the "I" and the "me" must be in harmony.



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