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Most children dreamt of becoming pilots. Unfortunately, most of those dreams never left the ground. You’re here now, seeking to study aviation. Whether it was a childhood dream or not, congratulations. You’re a step closer to the dream. Studying aviation is exhilarating. It is also challenging and downright tiresome. This is the reason why you’ll need all the aviation assignment and homework help you can get on God’s good earth. That shouldn’t worry you, Unified Class tutors are here for you. 

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5 reasons why students pilots drop out of aviation training

Truth is, we don’t hear much of unemployed pilots. However, we hear cases upon cases of students who drop out of training. How hard is the training? Why do so many students drop out? More importantly what can you learn from this alarming story? Here are some of the reasons as to why students drop out of flight training:

Flight training is a lot of work

Behind every glamorous thing is lots of efforts made to make it so. This is one thing we don’t understand about being a pilot. Students enrol in aviation because they believe that being a pilot is fun. When they get to aviation school, they get shocked by the amount of work they have to do before they can get to fly. The hours and days on end that flight training demands leave most of the students not so keen on becoming pilots anymore. The good thing is, you don’t have to go through the same ordeal. Unified Class is here to ensure that you get all help that you need to succeed.

Unstructured training

It doesn’t matter how smart you are, if so many flying concepts are thrown your way all at the same time, you are likely to end up more confused than you were at the beginning. For some reasons, flights instructors love to do this to students. It’s like a little secret they share between themselves.

Unified Class tutors know how important it is for student pilots to get access to systematic flight knowledge. Thus, they make it their responsibility to tutor aviation students systematically. This ensures that they completely understand one level before they can move to an advanced one.

Insufficient funds

Money is one of the main reasons why most students quit. So what makes aviation more expensive than other courses?

In most aviation and flight training schools, students are offered a quotation. For example, a student maybe told that he will need 40 flight hours to finish the course. As it turns out, hardly do students become competent enough after those hours. This means that for the added hours, the student has to go back to their pockets. Students end up using double the average hours given, meaning they need double the amount they had budgeted for the entire training.

While our professional tutors may not help you with the money issue, they can help you become competent within a short period of time.

Unreasonable expectations

Truth be told, most student get to aviation school, thinking that all there is to it is a few lessons, then they will be on air, flying the big birds!

However, the reality of the matter hits them hard when they take more time on ground school, learning various things about aircraft than on the actual flight school. Having gone through the same, our aviation tutors can help set your expectations right by teaching you not only what to expect in aviation school but also how to cope with it.

Failure to pass pilot exams

To become a certified pilot, you must not only learn how to fly a plane. You must also pass the exams given. There are several modules that you have to complete (8 in most cases). You must also pass the final exams with a pass mark of at least 75%. That doesn’t seem easy at all, right?

Most students fail because the pass mark is just too high. They also fail because most aviation schools don’t have the materials necessary for passing the exams.

At Unified Class, we not only offer you the best aviation assignment help that you can get, we also provide you with the necessary materials. Our aviation tutors, will provide you with study materials and mock tests. These are meant to make you understand how pilot exams are set, and how to effectively respond to them.

Why use Unified Class aviation assignment help?

It is a proven fact that aviation course in not a joke. It is challenging on so many fronts. However, you may be wondering…is that a reason enough to seek aviation assignment help? Why would you really need help with your aviation assignments? Well, let me lay it down for you:

Working with experts

Everyone knows about planes. Well, not unless you live in a cave, in which case still you just might hear the sound of one. However, this doesn’t mean that everyone understands anything about flying them. In fact, very few people do. You cannot be taught how to drive a car by someone who has never been behind that steering. In the same way, you cannot be taught how to fly a plane by someone who doesn’t know how to fly one. This is why we ensure that our aviation tutors are actual pilots. This gives you an opportunity to learn from people who have gone through the same challenges as you.

A chance to boost your grades

As we have already seen, grades are absolutely important in the aviation world. Getting A’s in your aviation assignments may give you the encouragement you need to persevere and train even harder. Unified Class aviation tutors would love nothing better than for you to get those A’s. You really deserve it.

More time for the technical stuff

You don’t need to sit on your desk, hours on end working on aviation assignments while you could be spending that time on the training ground, learning as much as you can about flying. We take care of your assignments so that you can spend your time on the more important things.

Contact Unified Class for your aviation assignment help

Unified Class aviation experts can handle all your aviation assignment needs, from thermodynamics, aerospace engineering, aerodynamics, to flight test techniques and much more. Contact us today and benefit from our unmatched writing services.

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