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At Unified Class, our tutors understand what social science students go through every single day. They know how to help you reach to your potential. They understand what social science entails, and do their best to bring different aspects of it together into a beautiful paper.

Over the years, many social science students have greatly benefited from our platform. They have received social science study materials, homework help, tutoring among others from us, making their school life a bit better.

Our experts not only have time on their hands to take care of your homework, they have access to academic materials that a student may not easily get. They understand how to use these materials for your homework. This means that you can absolutely trust these experts with your social science homework help. Enough hesitation get help with your social science homework today 

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Recently Answered Homework Questions

What is social science all about?

Social science is a brand of science that deals with the society and how people in the society behave and relate with one another, and how their behavior affects the world. Social science is a field that can help explain how society works. It answers questions such as: why are the levels of unemployment so high? What leads to economic crisis in a country? What is the importance of voting? What is the place or morality in today’s world? Among others.

Subjects in social science include:


Sociology is the study of society and how people behave within a society. It is a branch of social science that deals with issues such as: lifestyle, cultural and religious practices, and marriage issues among others.

Political science

As the name suggests, this branch mainly deals with politics. It deals with issues such as policy making, governance, international relations, democracy, political behavior etc.


This a branch of social science that concentrates on the study of humanity, from the early man, how he lived, to the modern man.


Philosophy deals with problems affecting people. It tries to answer some of the questions that are woven deep in the human nature. These questions include: life, good, evil, God and His sovereignty.


History is all about past human experiences and how they affect the world today. History is a wide subject, concentrating on areas such as world wars, political evolution, and industrial evolution, among others.

History homework help is readily available in Unified Class.


Economics as a branch of social science deals with

Economics is divided into two main branches: Micro-economics, dealing with individuals and firms, and macro-economics dealing with the economy as a whole.


Law is a rule that a society or a country follows, in order to regulate the actions of members.


Linguistics is all about language. As a branch of social sciences, linguistics deals with meaning of a language, evolution of language, different types of speech, and sounds among others.

Why is studying social science a difficult feat?

Many students face difficulties while studying social science, some having it so rough to a point of dropping out. Why is this so? What is so difficult about studying social science?

Social science is an interdisciplinary subject.

As we have just seen above, there are so many branches in social science. This makes it hard for most students. Student A maybe excellent in philosophy but very poor in linguistics. Student B may love studying about politics but really hate economics. This makes it really hard to find a good balance, not unless a student seeks help.

Too many assignments

One student once told me, ‘there are way too many assignments in social science. You are about to finish one, thinking you’ll get a chance to go out and catch a breath only for you to realize that you have other assignments impatiently waiting for you.’  Assignments are a way of the living for social science students. The volume and the intensity of the assignments leave the students with absolutely no time or energy for anything else.

Why students need Unified Class social science homework help

·         Unified Class tutors know how to bridge the gap between the different social science branches to produce a perfect paper. This helps in balancing between your strengths and weaknesses, ensuring that your paper is balanced.

·         Social science assignments demand flawless writing and research skills. Social science assignments demand specific way of writing. This means that a student may be knowledgeable in the discipline in question, but have little or no knowledge on how put it down in paper in a way that will be acceptable by the professors. Unified Class tutors understand what the professors are looking for when they give out specific assignments. Since they have years of experience, they are able to employ the needed styles.

·         Social science assignments are pretty complex. Social science is complex. This means that naturally, the assignments are not always straightforward. Unified Class tutors are professionals who have over time learnt how to break down complex assignments into small parts then woven them together to become a flawless paper.

Do I have to pay someone to do my social science homework?

Not necessarily. If for example you post a question on our website, anyone knowledgeable in that particular area can respond to your question.

However, if you want a detailed answer, you have to pay an expert who will respond to you.

It is however a different case when it comes to seeking homework help. If you need someone to work on your paper, you will need to post your question and wait for the expert tutors to bid on it. You are then allowed to choose one tutor, depending on your needs. Always choose a tutor who has good ratings, and is an expert in your specific field. Choosing the wrong tutor may cost you money, time, and leave you with a bad attitude, something we don’t want to happen to you. 

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You may find it difficult to find homework answers if you don’t know where to research. You don’t have to spend hours searching on the internet and reading comments on various forums looking for credible answers. You will have spent most of your energy without finding a proper answer. The best solution is to get homework answers from Unified Class by searching our homework database or asking for homework help from our verified tutors.

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Yes. You can pay a professional homework tutor to do your homework. When posting a question to our homework help website, professional tutors in your field of study will bid offering to provide a step by step solution to your homework assignment.

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We provide homework help with all your assignments. Whether you need help with a short biology question or a long math question that requires step-by-step solutions, our tutors will help.

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