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Literature is the art of discovering something extraordinary about ordinary people and saying with ordinary words something extraordinary,” said one Boris Pasternak. Everything about literature screams…interesting! For every creative mind out there, English literature is a door to a mysterious, amazing world. However, its amazingness doesn’t negate the fact that it’s not always easy. This means that just like every other student, English literature student also needs English and literature homework help every now and then. This is why Unified Class is here for you.

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English and literature

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English and literature


English and literature homework help

Literature refers to written material that has an artistic value. However, over the years, literature has also come to refer to spoken materials as well. English and literature students do more than just read a story or recite a poem. They take time to read, understand, analyze, and do studies on different literary works. At times they even have to write some literature themselves! When it comes to studying English, there is more to it than just having a good command of spoken English.

Main elements of literature

There are several elements that you must find in every literary work. They include:


Nothing would be referred to as literature without a plot. A plot is basically what happens in a story from the beginning to its end. Most literature follows a specific plot, with its elements. This plot is mainly known as a story arc. The illustration below shows elements of a story arc:




Language is very important in English and literature. You cannot read something without understanding the language it is written in, right? Writers use language in different ways, to capture the attention of their readers. Someone might opt to use two different languages, while someone else may choose to use the same language but different slangs or dialects to pass a certain message in a certain way. For example, in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain uses different dialects to depict the region that the characters come from as well as their literacy levels. 


This literary element is very important and can be seen especially in plays. The setting is all about the location of the story, time, and background of where the action is taking place. A good setting helps capture the attention of the readers. For example, everyone who has read the Harry Potter series has been captured by the setting of the school, some going a step ahead to choose the houses they’d be in if Hogwarts was real. That’s the power of a good setting!


Oh, how we love a good conflict in a story! Conflict is what gives a story a purpose. Without it, a story wouldn’t really be considered as a story. In most stories, protagonists and antagonists relate as a result of a conflict. 


Every literary work needs at least one character. A character can be a person, an animal, a plant, or even a thing. Most stories have a main character, who mainly happens to be the protagonist and the other characters. 


There must be a central message that the author wants to pass across. This is what we mainly refer to as a theme. However, this doesn’t mean that a story cannot have many themes. In other words, the main theme is what the author wants us to learn from a piece of writing. 

English literature homework help

Students need to understand these and other elements and how they are used. In some cases, students have to remember certain incidents clearly. Understanding literary work being studied is very important since in most cases, you will have to refer to that story when working on your English and literature homework or exam. 

Why you should seek English and literature homework help

Studying English literature can be quite intense. In some circumstances, you may have no option but to seek help. You should seek help if: 

The English and literature homework gets too intense

Sometimes you may have too many assignments that you cannot finish with on time even if you were superhuman. It is a known fact that literature assignments are quite intense. This is not just something you can scribble quickly and submit. You need to read and analyze what you have read before you can even begin your assignment. Unified Class helps to accurately illustrate different characters and other literary elements. Our tutors also help ensure that you don’t get buried under loads of assignments. We take care of your English and literature assignments so that you can spend your time taking care of other important stuff. 

You have a problem remembering details of a story

You might understand the questions asked, but have a hard time remembering the actual details of the story, or how to use those details to support your arguments. At Unified Class, we have literature experts, who have over the years learned how to excellently work on literature assignments in a way that will definitely impress your professor.

You have a hard time remembering poetry lines

Poetry is sweet when you get to recite or even just expound on it. However, it gets tough when you have a poetry assignment and you have to remember the exact lines in a poem. Unified Class helps you work on such assignments. Our tutors also help you learn how to analyze a poem, highlighting the most important parts of the poem. At Unified Class, you will be taught different elements of poetry and how to recognize them in a poem.

Why choose Unified Class for your English and literature homework help?

Great writing skills

Every academic field requires you to have good writing skills. However, other fields may not greatly depend on it as compared to English and literature. Literature expects you to write well. You cannot be a Shakespeare if your writing is horrible, or too practical. Unified Class tutors are professional writers who have amazing creative writing skills by default. 

One-stop for all your literature needs

Unified Class tutors can work on absolutely any literature writing assignment. From poetry, short stories, romance, drama, musical, to novels, and plays. You don’t need to go from one place to another seeking English literature assignment help. Whatever you need, we can get it done.

Affordable prices

Our prices for English literature homework help are student-friendly. We aim to help you with your writing needs, not to milk you dry. 

You can choose a tutor for your literature homework

We allow you to choose an expert for your English literature assignment. Once you send your question, our tutors bid on it. Choose someone to work on your paper based on level of expertise, ratings, and price. 

At Unified Class, our work is to help you improve your grades even as you improve your English literature analyzing, critiquing, and writing skills. Don’t struggle alone. Allow us to come to your rescue. 

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