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15 Best Excuses for Missing Homework

By Evans, April 04, 2020


You don’t really like homework, do you?

If you did, you wouldn’t be here looking for excuses for missing homework. Don’t feel shy now, you’re not alone in this. Every now and then, we all need a reason to miss submitting our homework on time.

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“Why do students get punished for something they did not do? Is that even allowed?” I remember asking myself this question some time back. I really needed to attend a certain concert and I sacrificed my homework for it. The next day, I had to face a rather annoyed teacher and explain why I couldn’t hand in my homework. Fortunately for me, I had several excuses on my sleeve and the teacher didn’t suspect any foul play. Here are some of the best excuses for missing homework that works really well:

Excuses for Missing Homework

My computer crashed and I did not have a backup

We can always blame everything on technology, right? You were working on your assignment but your computer suddenly broke down in the middle of it and you couldn’t find a repair guy at that time of the night. Perfect excuse! The teacher won’t question you about it, they know that machines break down all the time. However, this will only work if the teacher expected typed homework.

My mom and dad got into a huge fight

Teachers, like the rest of the humans, are suckers for sad stories, especially stories regarding a dysfunctional family. Using this as an excuse will help you not only get away will missing homework but it will also earn you sympathy from that teacher for the entire term. The problem would arise if the teacher thought of bringing this up with your counselor. Then you are toast.

My dog died

Only the cold-hearted teacher will fail to understand the pain of losing your pet. This excuse works well, especially if the teacher has a soft spot for pets. If ‘killing’ your pet for grades is unthinkable for you, you can try something less grievous, such as:

“My pet got sick and I had to nurse her”

“My dog ate my homework”

“My cat peed on my homework and I didn’t want to submit a stinking homework to you.”

Homework overload

Truth be told, there are times you will go home with so many assignments from different teachers that you don’t know what to work on and what to forego. If this is the case, or you just want it to look like the case, pick a teacher who is known to be sympathetic. Chances are, they will listen to you and give you an extension especially if you can show that you actually got started on your homework but couldn’t finish it up.

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My little brother got sick

It is a commandment to blame our younger siblings for everything that doesn’t go well, right?

Any teacher will understand if you have a younger brother or sister. These young ones are always coming down with something. Alternatively, you can choose to blame it on their ability to cause mischief:

“My brother tore my assignment.”

“My sister drew Pandas all over my assignment!”

“I forgot to pack my notebook last night and my little brother took it and hid it”

Which teacher wouldn’t fall for this?

It’s that time of the month

Guys, this is not for you. This is a perfect excuse for ladies. It especially works very well with male teachers. This is an excuse that will make them so uncomfortable and so sorry for you that they will have no option but to give you extra days to submit your homework.

I forgot my homework at home

‘I was in a hurry to get to school and I forgot to pack my homework in my bag.’ This will earn you a lecture on the dangers of being careless but you’ll get away with failing to submit your assignment. It especially works best if this is the first time you’re failing to hand in your homework on time. However, ensure this does not become the excuse you always fall unto. Otherwise, the teacher may read right through the excuse and give you that pitiful ‘0’ grade.

I forgot my backpack in dad’s car and he works on the other side of town

This is an upgraded version of “I forgot my homework at home.” If you say you forgot your assignment at home, the teacher may make someone from home to bring you the homework. However, even the meanest teacher wouldn’t expect your dad to leave work just to bring your homework to school.

I was volunteering and I didn’t have enough time to work on my assignment

How best to get a deadline extension than to blame it on nobility? This is such a great excuse especially if you’re known to be diligent in class. What kind of teacher wouldn’t fall for, ‘we were rescuing puppies that were born in a pipe and I didn’t have enough time to finish my assignment?’

You can also use extra-curricula activities as a good excuse. Having a band or soccer practice is one of the best excuses for diligent students. However, if you’re always late for class, always failing to submit your assignments, the teacher can ban you from any extra-curricula activities until you learn to balance your school work and your practices.

Forced to babysit

Teachers understand that you have a life outside school. This excuse, however, should not be used on strict teachers as they are likely to see through the lie. An excuse such as: ‘my aunt got sick and I was called to babysit her six months old baby like my parents took her to the hospital’ can work perfectly well for nice teachers.


Sickness never calls to book an appointment with anyone, a thing every human being understands. This fact makes this excuse to be one of the most popular excuses in the history of academic excuses. No teacher expects you to die trying to get your assignment done. Well, except for the teachers who come from Miss Trunchbull’s (Matilda’s principal in Matilda) genealogy.

‘I am still sickly, I only came to school today as I didn’t want to heap up even more work for myself.’ Such a statement is able to melt even the coldest and the meanest of hearts and earn you extra days to finish your homework.

Death of a relative

Faking death of a relative is outrageous, right? Except when it comes to saving your grades. Then even the nicest of the students will consider it. After all, the teacher will never find out if you were telling a lie. Unless they are buddies with your mom then maybe the school will find itself organizing your own burial.

Some students have mastered the art of using this excuse, especially if the said relative has been dead for quite some time now. Just be careful not to overdo it.

A friend had a mental breakdown

One of the goldmines in the history of excuses. A good teacher will be able to understand if a friend called in the middle of a meltdown and you had to talk to her for hours to see if she can calm down, or you had to drop by their place and keep her company. In the age of increased rates of depression and suicide, this is a lie that most teachers will swallow both hook and sinker.

It was so difficult for me

Truth be told, teachers want you to do well. They don’t want you to fail especially in their own subjects. Telling the teacher that you tried to do the homework but it proved too difficult for you will definitely earn you some sympathy. A good teacher will even take the time to explain the assignment to you and give you a deadline extension.

However, this excuse doesn’t work for all kinds of homework. If the teacher explained the assignment in detail before sending you to do it, if the course work provides all the necessary information, then this would be the lamest excuse you give.

Try honesty

As awesome as it is to lie in order to get away with missing homework, at times honesty works better than the excuses. Some teachers will not only understand and commend your honesty, but they will also give you extra time to finish your homework.

It doesn’t matter how well-meaning or how hardworking you are. There are times you’ll find yourself having not finished your assignment, and you will need a good excuse to give to your teacher. Before you come up with an excuse, it is important to understand your teacher.

How gullible or strict is he?

How do we relate to the teacher?

Teachers are known to play favorites, if you happen to be a teacher’s favorite, then you can be sure that any excuse you give will be accepted.

Above all the excuses, it is important to do your very best and finish your homework on time. There are tons of free homework help websites out there that can help you with solutions for your complex questions. You can also ask fellow classmates to provide homework answers to some of your questions to ensure that you finish your assignment on time.

Handing in your homework in time is better than wasting time, energy, and nerves looking for a perfect excuse.

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