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Freedom in the Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead

By Frank, April 18, 2020, Subject: Literature, type: Book Review, Pages: 6

Oxford dictionary defines the word “freedom” as the “The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants” (Oxford Dictionary of English). Ideally, it is the act of not being in a constraint in the present day. Although freedom does not have a single definition, all versions converge by the fact that the different definitions relate to the idea of having liberty, independence, and absence of...

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Age limitation against organ donation

By Frank, April 29, 2020, Subject: Literature, type: Book Review, Pages: 6

ometimes there are myths among age limitations in organ donation. Other people think that there should be no limitation when people decide to donate their organs, while others contend that age should be a factor to consider. Over the years, organs have been effectively transplanted from individuals of eighty years and above to newborns. This means that doctors consider looking at the health...

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