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Buy Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Notes from Unified Class (From CPA 1 to CPAK)

By Evans, April 04, 2020


Are you planning to study Certified Public Accountants (CPA) or already doing CPA?

Well, I have interesting news for you.

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Previous students and team of educators from Unified Class have collected and curated up to date CPA notes online and revision materials that you can use to study, revise and prepare accurately to ace KASNEB CPA examinations in all sections from CPA 1 to CPA K. Access CPA notes online for CPA section 1, CPA section 2, CPA section 3, CPA section 4, CPA section 5, and CPA section 6. You can also find free CPA past papers with practice questions that you can use to test your knowledge before sitting on the KASNEB Certified Public Accountant Examinations.

The notes are divided and categorized into six parts as shown below

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) notes Parts and sections

Part I

CPA part 1 is divided into two sections that are

Section 1

Paper No:

CA11 Financial Accounting PDF notes

CA12 Commercial Law PDF notes

CA13 Entrepreneurship and Communication PDF notes

Section 2

Paper No:

CA21 Economic PDF Notes

CA22 Management accounting PDF notes

CA23 Public Finance and Taxation PDF notes

Part II

Part two is divided into section 3 and section 4

Section 3

Paper No

CA31 Company Law PDF notes

CA32 Financial Management PDF notes

CA33 Financial Reporting PDF notes

Section 4

Paper No:

CA41 Auditing and Assurance PDF notes

CA$@ Management Information Systems PDF notes

CA43 Quantitative Analysis PDF notes

Part III

Part 3 is divided into Section 5 and Section 6

Section 5

Paper No:

CA51 Strategy, Governance, and Ethics PDF notes

CA53 Advanced Financial Management PDF notes

Section 6

Paper No

CA61 Advanced Public Finance and Taxation PDF notes

CA62 Advanced auditing and Assurance

CA63 Advanced Financial Reporting

What you will get when you purchase our CPA notes online at Unified Class

Each notes you will purchase are comprehensive study guides written by Kenyan CPA Lecturers to help students prepare adequately for Certified Public Accountant examinations conducted by Kasneb. Once you purchase CPA Pdf notes online from Unified Class, you will receive a complete and clear CPA study text that is comprehensive with no area or areas omitted.

How much will it cost to buy CPA notes for each section?

We understand that students do not have a lot of money. Because of that, we sell CPA notes in Kenya cheap at an affordable price ranging between $0.5 (50KSH) to $1.5 (KSH) depending on the number of pages and sections. To get started simply click on the study text you want to purchase, complete the payment and access the notes instantly. You can then download the notes instantly to your mobile phone or laptop where you can begin to study them.

Ready to buy CPA notes?

Below are all the notes with a detailed description and a preview for you to check if it is exactly what you require even before you purchase.

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