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10 High-paying Online Jobs for College Students with no Experience

By Evans, April 04, 2020


Trevor knew that stars were shining upon him when Mayra agreed to be his girl. He still couldn’t believe it! He fell in love with Mayra the moment he saw her during the admission day. She looked so beautiful, like an angel who had been sent to entice the boy child.

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Everywhere she went, guys gaped at her. But more than stare and lose his mind, Trevor went an extra mile and offered to help show her around as she filled the necessary documents. As fate would have it, Mayra had also taken a fancy at him and when he asked her out, she said yes!

‘Guys, Mayra…’

‘Said yes, we know’ Ken cut him short, rolling his eyes in the process.

‘We are happy for you bruh. Even after hearing this for 100th time. But I wonder, how will you sustain her? You have no source of income.’

‘Guys, Mayra is not like other girls. She’s cool. She doesn’t mind if I don’t have money and can’t take her to fancy places.’

‘Maybe she really doesn’t. But just because she doesn’t want it doesn’t mean she doesn’t need to be treated well. She’s your queen? Then treat her like one. Get a job mate.’ Pete, the group’s love doctor advised.

‘But I am still a full-time student. How do you expect me to get a job with no experience?’

‘There are so many online jobs you can do with no experience. You just need to know where and what to look for.’ Ken responded, steering Trevor towards the lecture hall.

Just like Trevor, there are so many college students wondering, can I really get a job with no experience?’ Maybe unlike Trevor, you need money to supplement the allowance you get, maybe you want capital for a business, or you need to pay your school fees. The good news is, yes, you can get an online job with no experience at all.

Online jobs are very efficient for students in that, they provide a stable source of income at the comfort of your own place. This means that as long as you have a laptop/computer and internet connection, you can earn some really good money without leaving your house. Online jobs also ensure that you work at your own convenience, meaning that your work does not have to crash with your classes. Here are several considerations for you:


There’s nothing better than sharing the knowledge you have with those who need it, right? It is especially more fulfilling when followed with a good pay.

There are several online tutoring organizations that can give you an opportunity to offer your services to students all over the world.

Selling your notes, assignment solutions, and essays

Do you remember the essay you wrote in your first year?

Remember how much time you took to research, write, and rewrite until it was perfect.

Do you remember how proud you felt when the professor handed the paper back to you with a top grade circled at the top?

Now imagine someone else benefitting from such a paper.

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Affiliate programs

Simply put, an affiliate program is a way in which a business offers a commission to someone who promotes the business and its products and services. You just need to find a product you like, share the information with others and receive a commission if anyone buys that product due to your promotion.

Some of the popular websites that offer high paying jobs are





Freelance writing

Do you love writing?

Freelance writing is one of the booming online businesses that require no prior experience. The tricky part is finding your niche, and getting your first job. There are thousands of writing sites online.

One good thing about online writing is that you not only get good money, but you also get to amass a lot of information in the process. As you write, you get to learn so many things that you wouldn’t really learn in school.

Knowledge is power, right?

Some of the popular freelance writing sites include



Baby Hoth



One of the things that I really enjoy doing is blogging. I only have to share my stories with people online and I earn from that. The good thing with blogging is that you earn money even form articles that you wrote a long time ago. All you have to do is to create a blog, find a niche for yourself, have several people reading your blog and you are good to go.

You don’t need to undertake a course in blogging for you to become a blogger. You only need to have something interesting that you want to share with the world. A blog can be about anything really. From personal stories, poetry, to photography, and even video blogging (vlogging).

Apart from making you money, blogging is a skill that may prove to be very beneficial for you especially after you leave school.

Some of the free blogging platform you can use to blog for free include

WordPress and

Google blogger

Managing social media account

A friend of mine once called me quite elated that she got a chance to manage social media accounts belong to a local celebrity. I was pleasantly surprised when I learned just how much she was being paid hourly to manage the account.

This current generation is well-versed with social media and current trends. We know which platform to use for what, which idea would well better in which platform and even the kind of language, tags, and images to use for greater impact.

Imagine using the knowledge you have regarding social media to earn good pay just for managing someone’s social media account!

Celebrities are always looking for people who will manage their accounts for them. So is different organizations, and companies. Are you good at coming up with creative content for social media? Then this may be for you.


Do you have great typing skills? Is your grammar beyond reproach? How about giving transcription a try?

Transcription is basically listening to an audio file and converting it to written text. It can be done online or offline. Some people will pay transcription per word or per hour.

This is a kind of online job that just requires your time and commitment to it.

You can get transcription work from Fivver and Upwork

Another specific platform is TranscribeMe


Are you an ardent reader with an eye for details?

Do you find yourself easily put off by grammatical errors in books and online content?

Then you can definitely become a proofreader.

Proofreaders are pretty important to writers. There are people who are good with story-telling, but poor at producing a flawless copy. Proofreading is this simple; fix grammatical mistakes of others and earn from it.

You can get proofreading jobs at Upwork and fivver.

Online surveys

Survey is one of the best ways to supplement your income. You only need to give an opinion regarding the survey questions and pocket some good cash. This kind of job requires no experience at all, making it very easy to do.

Data entry

Data entry happens to be one of the most popular online jobs. However, due to its popularity, and maybe scarcity of the jobs, this may be one of the hardest venues to find good workflow. However, if you are fast enough, data entry can be a great way to start your online career.

Online researcher

You may think that very research work requires a master’s degree and 10 years of experience, right? On the contrary, working as an online researcher required no prior experience. All that is needed from you is keen attention to detail, patience, and desire to seek.

You can earn some good money by working for different companies that require online researchers such as


Academia-Research and,


Tips to carry home

Patience is the key

It takes some time before you can get some good online jobs. You need to keep searching, apply again and again until you get hired. Most people fear giving newbies jobs, fearing that they may not be up to the task. Your patience and persistence are what sets you apart when it comes to online work.


Just like any other job, success comes with your commitment. Your commitment shows how much you will earn and how long you will last in a certain industry.

Online conmen are real

It is not a surprise to meet with someone who will promise to pay you, only for them to run away with your money online. Online conmen are intelligent and very smart, you may not even know what they are until they disappear with your hard-earned money. Before you accept any online work, be sure that it is from a reputable organization to minimize chances of being conned.

Understand what works for you

There are so many online jobs that you can choose from. However, not everything is meant for you. There are some jobs that would leave you frustrated, not because they are terrible by themselves but because they are really not for you. For example, if you are a terrible writer, it would be suicidal for you to work as a freelance writer. This is because every task you will have to perform will sound like pure torture to you.

What do you love doing? It is very important to ask yourself this question before choosing an online job.

Is there any other online job that we have omitted? Please share your thoughts in the comment section

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