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Top 5 Best Free Homework Help Websites online: We top the list

By Evans , April 04, 2020


Do you know that you can get homework help online completely free?

There are so many websites that sprung up recently that can help with your homework online. Some may charge a small fee as a reflection of the time taken to answer your homework question, others have a fixed price they charge per hour. However, there are websites that you can use for free such as Reddit and Quora to obtain answers. At Unified class you can get homework help online for free. You can ask a question and an expert tutor in your field of study or previous students can answer. The best part is that it is absolutely free! Be it a complex math problem, accounting assignment or programming, you will find the right expert.

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Benefits of using free homework help websites

Get Correct Answers

Unlike social media websites such as Quora, Reddit and Facebook, Unified class have expert tutors who will do all the research and calculations to ensure that the answers you get are correct. You will probably score better than if you did the task yourself.

Get homework answers on time

When you post a homework question, it will be answered within two hours or less. Our free homework help website often deliver answers within the shortest time possible.

Original Answer written from scratch

Unlike other forums where users can simply copy and paste, our homework help service Each homework question you ask on our homework help website will be written from scratch.

Top 5 Best Free Homework Help Websites online

Unified Class

Unified Class is a student marketplace where you can buy or sell study materials. You can also ask a homework question and get answers from other students in your class or verified tutors. Unified Class is the best for asking homework questions particularly math, computer science, physics and other technical assignments.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization with a set of online tools that can help educate students. The website provides lessons in the form of short videos. The website also has a section where you can ask questions and get answers for free.

Stack Overflow

If you are doing computer science, Stack Overflow is the best place to look for lines of code that you can use to supplement what you have already written. Stack Overflow is a community of programming gurus who are ready to answer your questions. The good thing is that members in the stack overflow community have badges to help you establish whether their answers are correct. For instance, a person with a ‘Teacher’ badge is likely to provide the correct answers as compared with one with a ‘student’ badge.


Chegg is a platform where you can buy or rent books. You can save a few pennies by renting books instead of buying them. Chegg operates on a subscription model where you pay a certain amount of money to get access to tutors who will answer a number of questions per month.


Quizlet is also a useful resource where you can get solutions particularly short-form quizzes and multiple-choice questions asked during online classes. What you have to do is search for answers in their websites

Looking for free homework answers?

Are you looking for answers to any of your homework questions? Simply post your questions on our homework help sections and get answers from verified tutors in your field of study. You will get a step-by-step solution that will help you learn more and improve your grades.

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