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3 Best Study with Me YouTube Channels to Keep You Motivated While Studying

By Evans, April 21, 2020

Studying has never been fun. Well, at least for most people. Exam period is often the most stressing period for students. Students often find themselves with too much workload and not nearly enough motivation to take them through. If you have found yourself in such a predicament, worry not. YouTube has come up with a way of motivating students: Study with me Videos.

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Study with me are videos on YouTube that help students get motivated while studying. Study with me videos include studying techniques that can take students through the hardest study sessions. The videos are often broken down into small study sessions with regular breaks to help maintain students’ concentration. A 7-hour video maybe divide into 50-mins study time, then a 10-min break until the 7 hours are over.

Study with me videos are different to cater for different needs of the students. Some include study tips. They will teach you how to focus and not be distracted, how to memorize what you are reading, and even how to get more from your study time. Other videos include music. Music has been known to bring relaxation, which helps improve concentration while studying.

Study with me videos comprise of a community of people that will help you stay motivated. What makes it better than studying with a friend is, you will see people in the video studying hard, and you will be challenged to do the same. There is no time for chit-chat, which is number one distraction when studying with a friend.

Using Pomodoro technique

Don’t let the big word intimidate you, this is a simple technique that is meant to help you avoid procrastination. Most of the study with me videos incorporate this technique in their videos. Pomodoro technique advocates working on something in 25-min intervals. This means, if you are studying, choose a task you wish to accomplish. The technique advocates for no multitasking. After choosing the task, put on a timer and immerse yourself in it without allowing yourself to get distracted. Once the timer goes off, take time to jot down what distractions you encountered during that study session. Repeat this a couple of times then take a break. This will help you stop procrastinating, be more productive, and have a healthy study time.

Here are some of the YouTube study with me channels that you can check out:

1. The strive studies

The YouTuber is a former medical student. The channel, which has 251k subscribers, incorporates different techniques. She has videos with no music, for those who prefer to study with no music, and also videos with background music, for those who cannot do without music. Her real time study sessions are quite a something. She is so focused that you have no option but to get studying as well.

2. Kharma Medic

Kharma is a graduate student who is studying medicine as an undergraduate course. His YouTube Channel, Kharma Medic has 168k subscribers. The real time study sessions helps students not to feel alone as they study. It also helps to keep the students motivated throughout the study session. He also helps other students with study tips, how to pass in the entrance exams for medical school among others.

3. Sarang

Sarang is a 4th yeard dental student. Her channel which has 212k subscribers is more relaxed than most of the study with me channels. She incorporates her real life as a dentist on her videos, which is quite cool and motivating. She studies anywhere, which is a good change. She will study in her car, in school, in the hospital, at a café, in the library among others. The different settings is a good change for the most students.

Study with me videos comprise videos of students who choose to share their study techniques with the rest of the students. Since they are real, they help students to focus. If you are studying all alone and in need of some motivation, the study with me videos are great at providing the needed motivation. The videos use different techniques, you only have to check out what really works for you. Study with me videos have become very popular with students over time. The number of views and subscribers in these videos clearly show that this is true. Check them out for yourself and be the judge.

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